Monthly Archives: May 2012

Wonderful things happening in my Garden!

Incredible Poppies right outside my backdoor! We have had such a warm and early spring here in Brockville this year we are at least 3 – 4 weeks early with all of the garden growth and the flowers are amazing! Now that we have had some rain things are now really starting to come into bloom. Looks like the Peonies are just about ready, probably tomorrow will be their day. Here’s hoping it will rain overnight as we are getting very …

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Sharing the Passion of Rocks & Minerals

Just got back from spending the first part of the morning with Ms. Morva’s grade 4 class at St. Francis Xavier School here in Brockville.  What a delightful class! All very eager to hear about rocks and minerals and to get an up-close appreciation for handling rock samples.  Lots of enthusiasm and questions! Young and old kids interested in Rocks and Minerals should check out Kingston Lapidary Club & Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club.   They do great Rock Shows!

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