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Traveling? How to Keep your Jewellery SAFE

Your jewelry is part of you, so leaving it behind may not be an option. Whether you’re a jet-setter or weekend road-tripper, here are some helpful safety tips from your travel-savvy friends at Perfect Circle.

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1st Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Ring Cast!

The 1st CAD ring has become a reality at Palko Jewellery Design with the successful casting of this intricate ring.  Chris is pictured in the process of cleaning up the ring with very small polishing wheels.  He is changing it from it’s very rough casting appearance into a finished piece ready for stone setting. I will be posting the ring’s progression throughout it’s manufacturing journey. Keep watching for updates! Carol & Chris  

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207.3 Carat Emerald – Latest Find at Colombia’s Muzo Mine

Colombia’s Muzo mines have over the centuries produced some of the finest emerald ever released onto the market, with the latest being a 207.3-carat rough stone that was discovered in February in the Tequendama shaft, about 74 meters underground. Speaking to JCK magazine, Emmanuelle Thoeny Chamaillard, the marketing manager for the mine’s sales arm, Geneva-based Muzo International, said the find was exceptional. “”We don’t usually find this kind of rough, for the quality and the size,” she stated. Muzo International, …

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Gem of the Month – Ruby!

Ruby is the Birthstone gem for the month of July. It is named because of its red colour (Latin Rubeus). In the 1800’s ruby as well as sapphire were recognized as belonging to the same gem group corundum. Prior to that time red spinel and garnet were also designated as ruby. The colouring pigment is chrome and if there are brown hues, some iron. The most desirable colour for Ruby is “Pigeon’s Blood”, pure red with a hint of blue. …

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Buckingham Palace hosts rare exhibit of the Queen’s Jewels – Cullinan Diamond Shown!

As part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this summer Buckingham Palace will be opening its doors for a rare display of the Queen’s diamonds. Opened on June 30 and running until October 7, priceless jewels including the Queen’s tiaras, crowns and jewellery will be available for the public to see. The exhibition will also bring together seven of the nine principal stones of the world’s largest diamond, South Africa’s Cullinan Diamond, for the first time in history. The other two remaining pieces are found …

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American Sports Championship Rings – Large like the Players!

A long-standing tradition of professional sports in the United States is the awarding of championship rings by the league-winning team to its players and coaches. This is not an understated affair. Typically, the rings are conspicuously large, like the players themselves, packed with diamonds and increasingly gemstones. The National Football League’s New York Giants recently unveiled their Super Bowl XLVI championship rings, which were designed by Tiffany & Co. more

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