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Gem of the Month – Pink Tourmaline!

Pink Tourmaline is the celebrated birthstone for the month of October. To help celebrate this gem is pictured a 14KY Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Engagement Ring we created last December for Shara and Grant. What a wonderful way to celebrate New Years! Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite – Latin: reddish) is pink to red, often with a violet tint; ruby colour is the most valuable.     Tourmaline – No gemstone has such richness in colour variation as Tourmaline. Known in antiquity …

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Greenland – Becoming a Major Producer of Rubies

For many, Greenland is but a vast icy expanse viewed from the airplane window as one crosses the Northern Atlantic between Europe and North America. In fact it is North America’s third largest territory, after Canada and the United States. Some 81 percent is covered by an ice sheet and it has a total population of about 58,000. Nonetheless Greenland appears poised to become the world’s next major producer of rubies. More …

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