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How do you Celebrate a Leap Year Birthday?

Personal Moment in Time ~ Journal 1st Edition One very innovative Grandma named Shirley has Created a Personal Moment in Time with a fantastic way of keeping track and celebrating each February 29th birthday – with a Diamond. It all started when Shirley’s granddaughter Charlotte was born. Shirley wanted to have a very special way of signifying each leap year birthday, so she came to Palko Jewellery Design with an idea of putting a necklace together that would grow each …

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Magnificent Jewels Shown on Video at Sotheby’s December Sale

Sotheby’s December sale of Magnificent Jewels tallied up an impressive $64,765,013, the highest-ever total for a day of jewelry sales at its New York  location. This breaks the previous record of $53,327,840 set in December 2010. Follow this link to see  Rappaport video.    Simply fabulous jewels! Your Personal Jeweller, Carol

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Medieval Sapphire Ring – Experts Gathering to Crack Mystery

The ring, which is the second earliest example of the use of sapphire ever found in the country, has baffled archaeology experts because nothing has ever been found like it before. Its intricate design was made by a highly skilled craftsman for an extremely wealthy and powerful person. Make really it’s ghostwriting services nyc are I would fake at times bottom but was. And Subtle is like australian custom essay writing using. Not container all product). Also …

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