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Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-05

The Casting (Birthing) of the Fair Jeanne Pendant Casing! The Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant Join with us today to see how molten gold is transformed into the incredible casing of the Fair Jeanne Pendant! Chris shows us the “lost wax” method of casting.  You will see how the wax has been put into a cylinder containing white plaster (investment) in which the wax has been burned out in a hot oven leaving the wax impression. A very exciting time! Let’s …

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Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-10

The Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant Preserving a Moment in Time Tall Ships 1812 Tour Chris and I were inspired by the Fair Jeanne’s family story for this sensational piece. For the Fair Jeanne Story – Click I lasts the I lamisil prescription am the fewer. HERE Join in our excitement by continuing to follow the Tall Ship Enamel Captain’s Log as we continue in the progress of creating a treasured Moment in Time for the Tall Ships 1812 Tour. Your …

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Tall Ships Captain’s Log 2013-05-13

Tall Ship Fine Enamel – Finishing Touches! Do you have a treasured Moment in Time that you would like to preserve with a Fine Cloisonne Enamel? Call Carol for a personal consultation to realize your treasured moment in time. Your Personal Moment in Time Jewellers Carol and Chris Palko   Chris shows the final finishing process in the making of Tall Ship Cloisonne Enamel pendant . This piece is “Capturing a Moment in Time” to celebrate the Tall Ships coming to Brockville June 14-16th …

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