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Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Palko Jewellery Design in collaboration with The Leeds & Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre is sponsoring the Annual Lifetime Achievement Award Silver Pin. This is new for 2015. How this Silver pin came to be is an interesting story.  In true Palko Jewellery Design fashion, all of our pieces have stories behind them. Creating A Personal Moment in Time piece is our specialty. Each one lovingly designed with true consideration for each person and the event they are celebrating. Heather …

Posted 26 Mar 2015 6:44 am by : Carol Palko

The Black’s story – Easy does it First things First

Creating a Personal Moment in Time The Black’s story – Easy does it First things First Morley George Black was the beloved father to his four loving children: Greg, Tammy, Calvin and Sheldon. After his passing in May 2014 his children came to Chris and I to see if we could help create four memorial pieces. What Sheldon and Greg brought to us was an amazing bracelet that had belonged to Morley. It was a sobriety bracelet with “Easy does …

Posted 24 Mar 2015 5:32 pm by : Carol Palko

Northern Lights & 1st Day of Spring

After a long and very cold winter I think everyone is really ready for spring. I certainly know I am! Just so you know – this picture was taken in my garden 2 years ago on this very day.  This year this spot is still under about a foot of snow. A  true test of patience this year! For those of you still battling with snow storms in the east coast of Canada and the United States, my heart goes out …

Posted 20 Mar 2015 3:01 pm by : Carol Palko