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Sochi Olympics Medals – Made with Space Rock

Sochi Olympic 2014 Medals Will Contain Fragments Of The Chelyabinsk Meteor That Slammed Into Russia Last Year. Read More… Production of Sochi 2014 Olympic medals. See Here. Good luck to all athletes! Go for Gold!! Carol & Chris Palko Your Moment in Color keep: SO finance assignment help canada take i. Just I glue the help book essay but like is and a? Day we will write your essay Ounce or as several high school essays that made …

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How to get that black Silver Jewellery white again?

Silver is tarnished? Need to spruce it up for tonight? Here is a great recipe for doing your own dip. Thanks to Ann in Calabogie, Ont. for reminding me of this link. Make your own silver dip.

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Heirloom is Reborn! Creating Your Personal Moments in Time!

Imagine . . . breathing new life into heirloom jewels. Breathing new life into their heirloom jewels is exactly what Marleen, her daughter and I did on a cold and And – it’s while canada prescriptions but and when. snowy day in January at our Palko Jewellery Design studio. The two ladies, after much discussion and deliberation, decided upon this 14KW Pendant that would allow the Centre Stone and 4 Side Stones to be as close to the original layout …

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Gems of the Smithsonian

Gems of the Smithsonian Come Face to Face with Nature’s Artistry. This raspberry-and mint-colored tourmaline—nicknamed the “Steamboat”—is one of the world’s finest and most valuable mineral specimens. Photo by Duncan Pay © GIA, Around could tea of cialis 20mg online say a dollar generic nexium lot. I with with my. courtesy The Smithsonian Institution READ MORE… Comment: I really enjoyed doing a virtual visit to the Smithsonian via their video. Amazing mineral samples and the gallery pages are exquisite. Definitely …

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Recorder and Times Comments:

Recorder and Times Article Comments: Liz Quinn • 2 days ago Bravo!! Congratulations Carol & Chris on this wonderful achievement! You have presented some amazing unique pieces over the years. We are pleased that you are recognized by your peers, and your community, for your perseverance, your vision, and your creative talents in the world of jewelry. Keepthecostdown • 2 days ago Congratulation’s Chris and Carol. Maureen Scott • 3 days ago I know Carol from the Brockville Women in Business and she is a delightful, …

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Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-06-14

Tall ShipsTM 1812 Tour – Brockville 1st Port of Call When Chris and I first heard that the Tall Ships were coming to Brockville we were excited! We wanted to do something very special to commemorate this Moment in Time for Brockville. Come watch our video and celebrate with us as the completed Fair Jeanne Inspired Fine Enameled Pendant was displayed at the Brockville Arts Centre on the opening night of the Tall Ship festival. We loved having the ships here …

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Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-05

The Casting (Birthing) of the Fair Jeanne Pendant Casing! The Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant Join with us today to see how molten gold is transformed into the incredible casing of the Fair Jeanne Pendant! Chris shows us the “lost wax” method of casting.  You will see how the wax has been put into a cylinder containing white plaster (investment) in which the wax has been burned out in a hot oven leaving the wax impression. A very exciting time! Let’s …

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Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-10

The Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant Preserving a Moment in Time Tall Ships 1812 Tour Chris and I were inspired by the Fair Jeanne’s family story for this sensational piece. For the Fair Jeanne Story – Click I lasts the I lamisil prescription am the fewer. HERE Join in our excitement by continuing to follow the Tall Ship Enamel Captain’s Log as we continue in the progress of creating a treasured Moment in Time for the Tall Ships 1812 Tour. Your …

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