Custom Designed Jewellery – Exclusively designed by Christopher Palko

Your Personal Moment in Time Jeweller

Tired of wearing the same old jewellery as everyone else? Looking for something unique? Let us help you to create your special moment in time.

Create a new exquisite piece, hand-crafted by our experienced jeweller, just for you.

The Process

Your custom design starts with a 1 hour consultation in our quiet and peaceful Victorian setting to ensure that your special moments in time is captured. Then the samples and sketches are presented to you using Computer Assisted Design (CAD). A wax model is created from the CAD from which the piece is then cast. Next the gems are set and the finished piece is presented to you. Contact us for your free 1 hour consultation.

3139838_origCarol and Chris:
You are brilliant!
Thank you for making my vision a reality.
Tammy Mackay,
Brockville, Ontario